1. I should be studying


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  7. got the devil on one shoulder


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  12. Anonymous said: ok that sounds cool but idk what that is lol uummm do you play any sports? Do you have a boyfriend? Favorite food?

    Come off anon


  13. Anonymous said: Well ok,btw I like your blog a lot, but ok um do you go to school? What for? How old are you? What's your life's dream

    Well thank you, and yes I do go to school, I just started my first year of college, right now I’m going for general studies to get the bullshit out of the way but next year I’m going for radiology. I’m 18. and to answer what my life dream is… well its to be happy with myself. 


  14. Anonymous said: Tell me about yourself :D

    there is alot to know, ask questions.


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