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    1. me: i'm gonna make you mine
    2. me: *right click, save image as*

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    I love walking up like this.

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  6. katyandthewolves:

    When Iā€™m older and have my own house and a boyfriend/husband, I really want to put lanterns in the trees in our garden and loads of fairy lights and then on clear nights, he and I can sit out and share a bottle of wine and wrap ourselves in blankets under the stars and just talk and talk for hours.

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  9. Anonymous said: Ok asshole? Sorry for trying to talk.

    sorry for my response not being to your liking


  10. Anonymous said: How do you mean?

    not wasting my time explain it to you.



  12. Anonymous said: Why gay??? Why not just a bestfriend??

    because gay best friends are different then just a girl best friend or a straight guy best friend


  13. can I please just have a gay best friend that’s all Iv ever wanted?!


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